We have more than just recipes! We discover, research, test, and explain. We are open and honest, because we value quality and value. We inspire, encourage, and enrich your kitchen experience through our own experiences. We inform, test, and discover true results.

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It is so good to take a book and find so much information and know that you can look through it at any time. We create books that dispel your fears in times of doubt, when you have forgotten which fruit or vegetable is in season right now. We take notes and collect the values handed down from one generation to the next.

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Keep up with the latest news in the culinary world. Follow the latest trends in the kitchen and restaurants. Be inspired to travel to new places in Latvia and around the world. Look for ideas for new and delicious recipes that can brighten up an everyday meal or surprise guests on holidays. Read, to add a new dimension of quality to your life, for the contents are in good taste, educational, and stimulating.

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